Step into my world and shrug off the stress of the everyday. Deceptively sweet when we first meet, let me wrap my legs around you and pull you in, turning up the intensity until we’re tangled in passionate, intoxicating delight.

As well as an escort, I am a university student, a trained dancer, and an avid gym-goer. You’ll notice my lithe and graceful movements from across the room, and be drawn in by my quick-witted conversation and mindful listening. To use a common cliche I am a hedonist, a believer in quality over quantity especially in my two vices: food and sex. There is nothing I love more than sharing a glass of wine, or perhaps a meal, and creating a genuine connection before I lead you to the bedroom, uncovering my body wrapped in beautiful lingerie along the way.

As a private escort in Auckland I create a relaxed and authentic girlfriend experience, taking great pleasure in drawing out exactly what it is you are looking for. Fast paced or slow and sensual, let me take you back to your younger years and fulfil all of your wildest fantasies. Then let’s curl up in each other’s arms, catching our breath and wandering through our thoughts.

I’m a lover of touch: Touching minds, touching bodies. Let’s peel back our layers and discover the intimacy we share.


171 cm/5’7”
Size 8
Grey blue eyes
NZ European—Aucklander
Non-smoker/no tattoos


1 h      500
90 m  700
2 h     900
3 h   1300
Social  250

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“…I think she’s a natural, easy and warm, sweet and sensual, and this is how we begin and how I assume we’ll continue, a slow meander through the delights to be had in the intimacy of a beautiful young woman, but somehow at every step, every twist and turn, the intensity increases, just a little, every time, those doe eyes slowly changing to something else altogether; a delicious raunchy sparkle, the spider has her prey in her silky web and he ain’t goin’ anywhere…” 

“…Approachable like a long lost friend, passionate as a long time lover. Quick to smile, easy to laugh, intelligent, witty and with a pinch of sass, her conversational skills are layered and capable of covering virtually any topic. It’s a delight delving the depths of this wonderful mind, but beware, it is all too easy to get lost there. I’ve found my time with her to be a sensual slow burn, a symphony of senses engaged, witness to a gorgeous young woman confident in her sexuality, giving as good as she receives, culminating in breathless mutual satisfaction…” 

“…She certainly has a way about her with her warm demeanor coupled with an ‘oh so innocent but naughty vibe’ sold with a look she gets that few others can master (you’ll know it when you see it)…” 


Please note I will reply by email, and will not text unless you have asked in your message.